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All Circular Letters and Notices for MFIs

Circular-42 : Regarding the assistance of the victims of haor in recent floods 

Circular-41 : Betterment of submitted of audited financial statement of MFI

Circular-40 : Implementation of integrity strategy

Circular-39 : Submit the list of committee, amended constitution & bio data of the members

Circular-38: Relief Distribution for Flood Victim
Circular-37: Implementation of Money Laundering Prevention (Amendment Act, 2015)
Circular-36: Regarding Interest rate of Agri-loan
Circular-35: Closing of Liaison Office
Circular-34: Abolition of DMF
Circular-33: Relation of Loan Outstanding, Assets & Cumulative Surplus
Circular-32: KYC Profile Form of MFIs
Circular-31:Providing Voluntary Declaration by CEO of MFIs

Circular-30:Following Format of Budget Statement
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Circular-29:Reminder regarding Change of Office Addresses and extension of Branches of MFIs

Circular-28:Providing Assistance to the flood affected microcredit clients 
Circular-27:Creating Reserve Fund
Circular-26:About Compliance of Directives of MRA Circular Letters: Regu 5 & 8 
Regu-25:Guidelines on Financing Smaller MFIs by Bigger MFIs 
Circular-24: Subjoining of a clause to the Audit Report on Anti Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Circular-23: Regarding Refixation of admission fee, prices of passbook and loan form etc.
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Circular-22: National Integrity Strategy
Circular-21: Regarding Bad Debt Write-off Policy
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Circular-20: Regarding the connection of Microfinance Institutions with the enlisted persons/institutions as per various resolution adopted by the UN Security Council
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Circular-19: Directives to follow Money-Laundering Prevention Act, 2012
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Circular-18: Following ToR for External Audit of NGO-MFIs
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Circular-17: Guidelines for defining capital of MFIs
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Notice: Cautionary Public Announcement regarding Microcredit Programme
Circular Letter-16: Address Change of MRA
Circular Letter-15: Directives to follow Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2009
Circular Letter-14: Loan Classification and Provision Maintaining
Circular Letter-13: Carrying out of Any Program beyond Microcredit
Circular Letter-12: Appointment of External Auditor of MFIs
Circular Letter-11: Modification, Correction, Extension or Cancellation of Constitution of MFIs
Circular Letter-10: Directives to vote for Sundarbans
Circular Letter-9: Directives to follow Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2009
Circular Letter-8: Refixation of Grace Period and No. of Installment for Repayment of Microcredit
Circular Letter-7: Guidelines for determining Weekly Installment of Microcredit
Circular Letter-6: Actions to be taken by MFIs towards Women Empowerment
Notice: Clarification on Interest Rate and other relevant issues of Microcredit
Circular Letter-5: Policy for Interest Rate and Other Allied Issues of Microcredit
Circular Letter-4: Displaying of License Copy and Mentioning of License Number of Licensed MFIs
Circular Letter-3: Minimum Criteria and the Time Limit to get a License from MRA
Circular Letter-2: Temporary Suspension of Installment repayment of microcredit from Borrowers severely affected by Aila
Circular Letter-1: Temporary Suspension of Installment repayment of microcredit from Unions severely affected by Aila